Salient Features

  1. PU Seals used by us are made up of special PU Compound with an approximate Shore A Hardness of 93. It has an embedded O Ring which allows leakfree operation from No Load to the Rated Pressure .The Working Temperature Range is from -35 to +80°C. The Surface Speeds can be achieved upto 0.5 meter per sec. Also provided are the Teflon Back up Rings to these seals to give a further strength to the Heel of the Seal. These seals are by far the best in the world for this type of Hydraulic Application.Polyurethane Seals do not leave any carbon black residue and so don’t contaminate the oil at any stage. It is the residue from the seal which is the principle cause of the blockage of the Hydraulic System by contaminating the oil and thereby the poppet seats.It is these seals which give a very long working life compared to any other seal material like Leather or Rubber. As a matter of fact in the international markets Rubber and Leather are outdated materials for Cylinder Application in Hydraulic Systems. PU seals are being used upto 200 Tonne Hydraulic Jacks. Beyond 200 Tonne, we use Canvas integrated Twin set seal to the design of James Walker – U.K
  2. The hoses are Thermoplastic with a Working Pressure of 700 Bar and Burst Pressure of 2800 Bar. The main advantages of Thermoplastic Hoses is that they do not disintegrate from the core unlike the Rubber Hoses. Once again the erosion of rubber from the core causes contamination of oil and thereby damages the system as explained above for the seals. Thermoplastic Hoses from Polyflex Germany have a factor of safety of 4:1. Very few manufacturers give this type of a factor of safety.
  3. The overall surface finish in the Hydraulic Jacks / Cylinders is Ra 0.8 micron. We have the proud privilege of achieving as close as Ra 0.2 micron. We hereby confirm that the Tangee OEW Hydraulic Cylinders have a surface finish of the bore not worse than Ra 0.4 micron. This has an absolute direct bearing on the life of the seals and thereby the jacks.
  4. We use a Special Hard Chrome Plating (HCP), which gives the surface hardness equivalent to HRC 65 as against HRC 55-58 of the usual Hard Chrome Plating Processes.
  5. We are offering a WIKA GERMAN Pressure Gauge Duly calibrated to read directly in Tonnes. We have our own Calibration equipment whose calibration is traceable to the National Standard.
  6. Tangee OEW Hydraulic Jacks have always carried with them the innovation / improvements in the design and the manufacturing process to compete in the international market. We, at The Oriental Engineering have the proud privilege of being the FIRST Company manufacturing Hydraulic Jacks in the WORLD to obtain ISO 9001 Certification and that too from TUV Cert, Germany. It was way back in Sept. 1993. All other players in the world market in the field of Hydraulic Jack manufacture followed suit. This proves the fact that we, at the Orientals have never lacked behind in our efforts to keep abreast with the developments in our field. Keeping in mind the international acceptance, we were the pioneers in India to using Pradiffa German Polyurethane Seals and also Thermoplastic Hoses from Polyflex Germany. These hoses have a working pressure of 700 bar and the test pressure of 2800 bar.We also started importing the quick connect couplers of 700 bar pressure from the USA and within 2 years started exporting it back to the USA.We started the export of our Hydraulic Jacks in an organized manner in the year 1990. Our initial order from Sydney, Australia was for about US $ 1,500. In just about four months from the first supply, we made a quantum jump to the order from the same company of about US $ 30,000. We are now exporting our Hydraulic Jacks to the USA, West Europe through Germany, Australia, Middle East, etc. We have perhaps the largest capacity in the World for the manufacture of jacks of the capacity 500 tonne and above. We supplied 4 Nos. 1500 Tonne capacity each to Bauer International GmbH, Germany for one of their projects in Abu Dhabi.We have made strides in our designs and processes over the period of time like all progressive manufacturers. We shall be the FIRST in India in the field of Hydraulics to get the coveted CE Certification (by TUV Cert Germany) – this certification in on way – all has since been tested and approved by TUV. Further, though not an ISO 14000 certified Company, we are a totally Pollution free Unit – Water, Air and handling of hazardous waste. We are proud of the fact that we are in no way lacking behind any one else in the world in terms of quality in the design, manufacture and performance. We impart after sales service – in any part of the world where our equipment is being used. All our outlets have trained personnel.

    We are giving below a partial list for the Hydraulic Jacks of 300 Tonne to 1500 Tonne capacity exported by us from our Works :

    6.1.0. Hydrotec International GmbH, Korschenbroich (Near Dusseldorf) Germany (They are our Agents in West Europe)

    6.1.1. 500 TONNE & 200 TONNE JACKS 20 + 8 pcs. : These jacks have been used by a Holland based Company for the construction of a bridge off the shores of Holland.

    6.1.2. 300 Tonne, 200 Tonne and 100 Tonne Jacks over 50 Nos.: to Zurich (Switzerland), Lille (France), Renne (Brittny France), Heerhugoward (Holland).

    6.1.3. Flat Jacks upto 50 Tonne Capacity,Pushpull Jacks 100 Tonne Capacity being regularly sold by this company.

    6.2.0. ECE NV Centrum – Zuid Belgium

    6.2.1. 100 Tonne 4 Jacks + Powerpack

    6.2.2. 300 Tonne 2 Jacks + Powerpack

    6.3.0. Industrial Equipment Co. Amman (Jordan) (Agents in Jordan)

    6.3.1. 200 Tonne X 8 Jacks to a Joint Venture Co. In Jordan

    6.3.2. 100 Tonne, 50 Tonne,30Tonne, 20Tonne, 10Tonne etc. over 40 Pcs. To various companies in Jordan

    6.4.0. El Nasr Workshop for Agriculture Machinery Tanta, Egypt
    They buy Hydraulic Cylinders from us for their Loaders Dumpers etc. on a regular basis.
    They have also sold our 300 and 500 Tonne Jacks – 4 + 4 nos. to Arab Construction Co., Cairo (Govt.of Egypt Organisation)

    6.5.0. Central Purchasing Inc., Los Angeles, USA
    They are our agents in the USA and are regularly purchasing our Hydraulic Jacks for 20 Tonne Capacity to 1000 Tonne Capacity. Of the various items they pick from us both in hydraulics and pneumatics, they alone account for over US$ 3,00,000 export from us every year .

    6.6.0. Apex Emirates LLC, UAE
    They are our agents in UAE. Through them we have sold 10 Jacks 300 Tonne Capacity, 14 Jacks 500 Tonne Capacity, 4 Jacks 750 Tonne Capacity, 15 Jacks 1000 Tonne Capacity and 4 Jacks 1500 Tonne Capacity besides the other sizes to various customers which include :

    • Bauer GmbH (4 Nos. 1500 Tonne Jacks + other jacks )
    • CCC Abu Dhabi (upto 500 Tonne Capacity Jacks)
    • vMiddle East Foundation (1000 Tonne x 2 Jacks)
    • Swissboring (8 Nos. 1000 Tonne, 4 Nos. 750 Tonne, 8 Nos. 500 Tonne jacks etc.)
    • Westpile Construction (1 No. 1000 Tonne, 1 No. 500 Tonne, 2 Nos. 300 Tonne etc.)
    • Al Ittimad Foundation (1000 Tonne x 1 No.).
    • Bachy SIF (300 Tonne to 1000 Tonne Jacks quite a few of them)
    • NSCC (300 Tonne x 4 Nos.).
    • APCC (500 Tonne x 2 Nos.) & (1000 Tonne x 1 No.)
    • Noel Imac- a German company in Abu Dhabi (They buy special jacks for fitting on their marine equipment that they manufacture)

    6.7.0. KED Ltd., Rotheram (Near Sheffield), England
    500 Tonne x 1 No., 400 Tonne x 2 Nos., 100 Tonne x 4 Nos. etc. etc.