Hydraulic Master Pin Pusher 700 KG/CM2

Hydraulic Master Pin Pusher (700Kg/Cm2)

    Hydraulic track press / ‘Master Pin Pusher’, make possible to disassemble and reassemble excavator and bulldozer chain.

    OEW offers various sizes hydraulic track press options from 100 to 300 tonnage depending on the make / model of the tracks and applications.

  • Safe and effective removal / installation of Track Pins, Master Pins, Bushing and Master Bushings.
  • Reduction in labour hours.
  • Cost effective.
  • Maintenance of track chain on site.
  • Suitable for all brands of Earth moving equipments
  • Guard for safe operation.


Please be aware of the extreme “Dangerous” of removing pins of the track by using old methods such as sledge hammers!

  • Danger of damage to the machinery.
  • Danger of sledge hammer “Bounce Back”.
  • Danger of anyone nearby from flying material.
  • Danger of lost worker’s hours and added cost due to injuries, some muscles and cramps.