Pneumatic Nut Runners (DPA/DPM) with manual or automatic gear shift

  • Light-Weight Design.
  • Pneumatic drive motor.
  • Automatic Gear Shift (manual gear shift version also available).
  • Locking of High Load Gear.
  • Safety swivel joint between drive Motor and gears.
  • PLARAD DPA/DPM high-speed turbo torque tools work upto three times faster than normal (depending on
    the joint).
  • PLARAD DPA/DPM is fully reversible.
  • PLARAD DPA/DPM is an asset wherever there is an explosion hazard or no electric power.
  • Pneumatic pressure reducing valve for fine adjustment makes for maximum torque accuracy.
  • PLARAD DPA/DPM is specially designed to withstand damage from being dropped.
  • Its lightweight titanium construction makes PLARAD DPA/DPM unusually light and fatigue-free in use.
    Also available in steel construction on request.
  • The rugged, reinforced grip is enclosed and ergonomically shaped for safe tool handling
  • Fully rotating safety link between drive and output means zero reaction forces are transmitted to the user:
    no jolting, side knocks, crushing or joint fatigue.
  • PLARAD DPA/DPM is unusually quiet with noise levels of 77 dB placing it – unlike conventional impact
    wrenches – below the high noise range defined as 85 dB or louder
  • PLARAD DPM features a manual changeover from high to low gear – from quickly running the fastener
    down the thread to the powerful final tightening turns.
  • PLARAD DPA changes from high to low gear automatically without stopping for an instant
    PLARAD DPA/DPM can be upgraded with measurement systems. Digital readout/recording and
    monitoring of torque values in electronic media.
  • Offset gears are used when you don’t have the clearance to get the tool on the bolt or where you find long
    studs on which the nut needs to be run down. Made of high grade aluminum for durability ,
    interchangeable inserts for versatility and low profile design for easier access.
Plarad DP pneumatic torque tool at work in the nacelle of a wind turbine Pneumatic nut runner with offset gears Bolting with DMP pneumatic nut runner Tightening nacelle bolts on a wind turbine with a Plarad DP nut runner