Grease Pump

High Pressure Grease Pump is an air-operated Grease Pump Which provides a continuous flow of  grease at high pressure for fast, easy greasing . It features a non-corroding 50:1 ratio air motor and is supplied with drum lid, rubber edged follower plate, grease strainer,8 ft.H.P. grease hose, ‘Z’ type swivel and Control Gun as standard equipment.
Max. Air Pressure 125 psi/850 kPa/8.5 bar Min. Air Pressure 60 psi /400 kPa /4 bar
Typical Air Consumption 9 cfm (0.3 m3 per min.) Compressor Size 3 cfm (0.08 m3  per min)
Air Inlet 1/4”(F) NPT ( swivel type) Pump Ratio 50:1 (grease pressure  is 50 times air pressure
‘Boost’ Pressure Up to 6,250 psi/43 MPa/430 bar Hose Type /Threads 8’x1/4” I.D(2.4m x 6mm I.D) SAE 100 R2/1/4” (M) NPT
Swivel Type/Threads H.P.’Z’ type/1/4” (F) NPT, 1/8” (M) NPT Type of Grease NLGI # 2 or Thinner