Do’s & Dont’s


Use Safety Goggles, Wear Shoes & Gloves While Working.

Always Use Flat & Solid Surface For Hydraulic Equipment.
Never Exceed Rated Capacity & Stroke Of The System. It Is Recommended To Use A Pressure Gauge.
When Not In Use Keep The Hydraulic System In Clean Environment.
Never Attempt To Do The Maintenance Of The Hydraulic System Which Is Under Loaded Condition.
Avoid Sharp Bending Of Hose. When A Heavy Object Has Dropped On The Hose, Make Sure That It Is Re-certified Before Use
Always Clean The Quick Connect Couplers Before Reconnecting.
Avoid Standing Or Working Under Loaded Hydraulic System.
Never Expose The Hydraulic System To Intense Heat. This May Cause Damage To The Seals And O Rings In The System.
Avoid Eccentric Loading. Off Center Loads Produce Considerable Strain On The Cylinders And Plungers. This May Cause The Load To Slip Or Fall Causing Dangerous Accidents.

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