Electric Nut Runners (DEA/DEM) with manual or automatic gear shift

  • Light-Weight Design.
  • Electric drive.
  • Automatic gear shift manual gear shift version also available).
  • Locking of High Load Gear.
  • Safety swivel joint between drive Motor and gears.
  • PLARAD DPA/DPM high-speed turbo torque tools work upto three times faster than normal (depending on the joint).
  • 99-position tiptronic selector makes setting the required torque easy.
  • PLARAD DEA/DEM is specially designed to withstand damage from being dropped.
  • Its lightweight titanium construction makes PLARAD DEA/DEM unusually light and fatigue -free in use. Also available in steel construction on request.
  • The rugged, reinforced grip is enclosed and ergonomically shaped for safe tool handling.
  • Grip-integrated fully rotating safety link between drive and output means zero reaction forces are transmitted to the user: no jolting, side knocks, crushing or joint fatigue.
  • PLARAD DEA/DEM is unusually quiet with noise levels of 77 dB placing it – unlike conventional impact wrenches – below the high noise range defined as 85 dB or louder
  • PLARAD DEM features a manual changeover from high to low gear – from quickly running down the thread to the powerful final tightening turns.
  • PLARAD DEA changes from high to low gear automatically without stopping for an instant.
  • PLARAD DEA can be locked into low gear for special bolting tasks.
  • PLARAD DEA/DEM can be upgraded with measurement systems to facilitate digital readout/ recording and monitoring of torque values in electronic media.
Bolting with angular (90°) electric nut runner where there is a space constraint Bolting of wind tower segment with DE 15 Servicing a bucket wheel excavator with a Plarad DE torque tool. No cross or impact force is transferred
from tool to user
Plarad DE torque tools in use with offset gear on Alfa Laval heat exchanger. Winning features of Plarad offset
gears include easy handling and low weight
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