Electrically Operated Hydraulic Power Packs (Independent Outlets Type)

  • OEW offers a Single Speed Hydraulic Power Pack with two and four independent split-flow outlets.
  • Pumps are available in single stage models.
  • All Pumps come equipped with Pressure Relief Valves for safety.
  • Oil delivery of each outlet remains equal regardless of pressure.
  • Tank : Steel fabricated.
  • All Tanks are electrostatic powder coated.
  • All Power Pack components suitably fitted for out door duty.
  • Extra Relief Valve provided in reservoir to prevent over loading.
  • Return Line Filter provided in only Double Acting Cylinder type Power Packs.
  • Standard supply with fixed frame mounted (2 fixed & 2 movable wheel can be provided on request).
  • Other sizes (higher flow capacities) available on request.
FLOW AT RATED PRESSURE (I/min.) 2×2.6 to 2×5. ,4×1.5 to 4×2.6
MOTOR RATING (HP/kw) 10/7.5, 20/15