Temporary Access

Temporary Access (for more information please visit tractel.com)
Tractel® has a team of experienced engineers, designers and project managers who can create a reliable and customized solution for even the most complex of buildings. Using the latest CAD tools, calculation software and advanced hoisting solutions, their design department consistently produces innovative, leading edge, access solutions. Tractel® is a trusted partner in providing easy and quick access to facades, cooling towers, chimneys, antennas, power stations, dams, bridges, wind mills and more.
Tractel® offers complete support from design to installation to after-sale service. With their network of engineers and trained technicians around the world, you can rest assured that your request for engineering service or technical support will be answered quickly and accurately.

Their solutions include  Tractel offers a complete range of temporary access solutions including:

1.      Industry leading electric man-riding hoist – (tirak™ )
2.      Secondary safety brake – (blocstop™ )
3.      Manual man-riding hoists – griphoist® / tirfor® and scafor®
4.      Suspended platforms – (ALTA™ skysafe™ )
5.      Rooftop rigging outrigger beams and parapet clamps.
6.      Wire rope – maxiflex
7.      Mast climbing work platforms – Scanclimber® (Taurus SC6000, Monster SC8000, Centum SC10000)
8.      transport platforms (SC8 and SC20)
9.      construction elevators (Falcon H48, Armada H65, Wega H65H, Rambo H65H.