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OEW manufactures dewatering/fluid-transfer pumps (reciprocating & centrifugal) with soundproof canopies for Impulse Pumps BV, the Netherlands. The pumps are specially designed to control groundwater levels and have the advantages of low running cost, great reliability and high efficiency. The Products are being exported to a large number of European countries, USA and Canada, Australia, UK, Russia, Middle East, East Africa, South Africa, South East Asia and New Zealand.
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Reciprocating Pumps
Reciprocating Pumps (available in 3 sizes)
• IP 130
• IP 160
• IP 175
Screw Impeller Pumps
Screw Impeller Pumps (available in 5 sizes)
• SIP 100
• SIP 150
• SIP 200
• SIP 250
• SIP 250 (High Flow)
Casings Open Structures
Soundproof Canopies
Yamuna (Diesel) • Oriental (Diesel and Electric)
• Hamburg (Electric)
• Brussels (Diesel)
Casings Soundproof Canopies

Open Structures

• Mumbai (Electric)
• Abu Dhabi (Diesel)

IP Series