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OEW has been the sole representative for the Roemheld Gruppe GmbH, Germany in India since 1988. Roemheld, Hilma and Stark – The three Roemheld Group brands are among the market leaders worldwide for production solutions in industrial manufacturing technology, assembly technology, clamping technology and drive technology. They offer hydraulic work-holding elements for jigs and fixtures, quick die clamping/changing elements, hydro-mechanical, mechanical, and hydraulic vices, magnetic clamping and zero-point clamping solutions.

Power workholding devices are renowned to empower their large base of users faster clamping and machining in the highest quality.

Workholding devices empower users to achieve faster clamping and unclamping times, along with better machining accuracies and surface finishes.

Plus, investing in these gadgets over their manual counterparts is greatly advantageous. Wondering about the advantages? Well, workholding devices make remote clamp operations possible while also reducing operator fatigue significantly. What’s more, these tools also increase the overall machine capacity tremendously.

The functioning of workholding devices should never be underestimated as these allow a machine to work at its full capacity, while also ensuring efficiency and repeatability in producing quality parts.

However, when special heed is not paid towards workholding, it can result in the advents of failure. This is something that cannot be afforded by anyone.

Not investing in proper workholding solutions is not an option anymore. With greater competition in the market and diminishing margins, all manufacturers need to invest in high quality fixturing and clamping. This will reduce setup times, rejections, and reworking.

Roemheld workholding devices provide industry leading benefits in a wide variety of applications. Being one of the acclaimed manufacturers of workholding products, Roemheld is committed to fulfilling the needs of our clients in the best ways possible. Additionally, our diverse product range covers all aspects of workholding including high and low-pressure hydraulic clamps, work supports and accessories, vice systems, reliable magnetic clamping for employing in quick alteration and faster mould change and lifting and modular handling technology for use in automated cells.

Moreover, the list just does not terminate here! We furnish our patrons with a range of hydraulic and mechanical clamping elements. Hence, your search for reliable Roemheld suppliers in India is over when you connect with us. We look forward to your continuous association!

For a business to attain the highest state of “revival” the key parameters include the likes of quality, safety, productivity, and delivery. We at OEW are committed to taking care of the above-mentioned specifications by providing quality Roemheld products. Whether it is workholding elements, quick die change,, zero-point clamping, magnetic clamping, or vices, you are sure to receive an amazing experience when connecting with us.

We have a skilled team of representatives available to help you, however possible.