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Safety Precaution/ Check List for Safe & Trouble Free Operation of the Equipment

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Safety Precaution/ Check List for Safe & Trouble Free Operation of the Equipment
Typical Fitment for Jack, Quick Connect Coupler,Flexible Hose and Pump Unit.
Before Using Any Hydraulic Equipment, Read The Operating Instructions Carefully And Check That They Are Fully Understood.
  • Flexible Hose & Pump unit from their respective packing cases.
  • Remove the plastic caps & tighten the Flexible Hose onto the pump unit Delivery Nipple.
  • Remove the plastic caps from the male and female portions of the Quick Connect Couplers fitted on the Flexible Hose and Jack respectively.
  • Fill the recommended Hydraulic Fluid in the pump. Always use the correct Hydraulic Fluid. When in doubt refer to us. Wrong fluid can destroy seals and pumps and will render your warranty null and void. Fill pump reservoir only to recommended level. Fill only when connected cylinder is fully retraced.
  • Loosen the Release Valve / Screw of the pump and operate the pump unit 3 to 4 times.
  • Tighten the Release Screw, hold the Quick Connect Coupler end of the Flexible Hose and press the ball with finger / thumb and operate the pump till oil starts coming out. Operate the pump 10-12 times. This would ensure air purging. In case of Double Acting System, carry out this procedure on both the hoses by changing the position of the lever of the Directional Control Valve.
  • Loosen the Release Screw.
  • Push the Male half Quick Coupler attached to the Hose into the Female half of the Quick Coupler which is attached to the Jack / Ram / Cylinder by hand and tighten the nut of the Quick Coupler by hand only.
  • Tighten the Release Screw (use fingers, avoid external force, it may ruin the valve) and operate the pump. This would lift the Piston Rod of the Jack at no load.
  • Loosen the Release Screw. This would bring the Piston Rod back to the closed position, (either by spring or external load, as the case may be). In the case of Double Acting Jack / Ram / Cylinder, change the direction of the Directional Control Valve and operate the pump.
  • The Jack/Ram/ Cylinder is now ready for use.
  • Jack/Ram/ Cylinder should be regularly serviced and tested.
  • All tonnes specified in this catalogue are nominal values designation only. Please refer to the kN table for calculations.