Tangee - Hydraulic Jack Manufacturer


We Design, Develop and Manufacture products in batches to Customer’s Design / Samples/ Requirements. Some of the jobs handled so far:

Designing & Custom Built Hydraulic Equipment – Our Unique Strength
Designing & Manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders, Powerpacks, Electric Control Panels – all under one roof.
  1. Hydraulics for constructing Hydro Electric Power Projects : Pull Out / Anchorage Hydraulic Jacks for roof / Rock Bolt Testing, Hydraulic Cylinders and Power Unit for Shuttering, Rib Bending Machine of 250 Tonne capacity and more, Pre-stressing Hydraulic Jacks, Hydraulic Splicing Machines, Hydraulic System for the Concrete Batch Mixing Plant
  2. Hydraulics for Hydro Electric Power Plants : Brake Jack Assemblies, Brake Jack Control Panels, Hydrostatic Lubrication Units, Hydraulic Servomotor etc.
  3. Hydraulics for Steel Plants : Cylinders and Powerpacks for Hot / Cold Rolling Mills, Blast Furnace Operation, Coke Ovens, Hydro Electric Actuators, Hydraulic Pullers and Hydraulic tools for maintenance.
  4. Hydraulics for Coal Mines (Underground and Open Cast).
  5. Hydraulic System for maintenance of Oil Drilling Rigs.
  6. Hydraulic System for Construction including Pile Testing, Heavy Engineering, Cement Plants, Ship Yards, Bridge Construction etc.
  7. Hydraulics for Thermal Power Stations.
Special Application Products
Double acting Hydraulic Cylinder with Dual Counter Balance Valve

Hydrostatic Lubrication Unit for Thrust Pads of Hydro-Generator

Brake Jack Control Panels for Braking & Jacking of Rotors in HEPS

Guide Vane / MIV Hydraulic Servomotors for HEPS

Brake Jack Cylinder for Braking and Jacking of Rotor in HEP’s

Automatic Rib Bending with PLC Controlled Panel

Hydraulic Cylinders with PLC controlled panel for Dam gates application

Electro Hydraulic Actuator


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