KLW4010 Series Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pump 700 Bar
  • KLW41010 is a special pump for hydraulic wrenches. It is assembled in an integrated way. It is an independent and completely hydraulic device composed of power unit, electrical unit, control device etc. It has large flow, large volume, light weight, simple structure, convenient operation and working pressure. It has high characteristics, and the oil pressure at the high-pressure outlet (Port A) can be adjusted arbitrarily between 70 and 700 bar.
  • Electric three-stage flow hydraulic torque wrench pump
  • Multiple consecutive torque wrench operations can be selected.
  • With oil cooler, suitable for continuous operation, with external protective steel frame.
  • 100 mm dial pressure gauge.
  • Aluminum tank with oil level indicator.
Mechanical Drawings
Dimensions Chart