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Puller Use Instructions

Bush is extracted with Ram reversed using Push Pull Attachment.

Gear is extracted with 3- Jaw Puller.

Removing bearing of shaft using Bearing Pulling Attachment in conjuction with Push-Pull Attachment.

Push Puller with the legs anchored behind gear wheel.

Internal Pulling Attachment in conjuction with Push Puller, connected to Adjusting Screw Ram reversed, for legs to press against housing.

Pulley is extracted using 2-Jaw Puller, Bearing Pulling Attachment and Adjusting Screw.(DO NOT exceed half of the Ram capacity).

To adapt the push puller to your job, use adopters with suitable male or female threadings ( available on request). Caution : Ensure the diameter and the length of male or female threads used in adopters are greater than the diameter & length of the threads used on the push puller leg of the of the puller set being used. Smaller diameters can cause breaking.
Male Threading
Female Threading
1. Determine the diameter (D) and length (L) of the interference fit that needs to be separated (area of press fit).
2. The forces required can vary significantly on seemingly similar jobs. One must study every job individually before selecting the puller set.
3. A thumb rule chart based on diameters is
Mechanical Drawing
Shaft Dimension
  • While using puller attachments assure that you firmly grip the gear, bearing wheel etc. & apply forces to the shaft.
  • It is a safe practice to cover your job with a protective blanket.
  • Make sure that the pulling unit is properly aligned.
  • When the Hydraulic System is pressurized, observe the guage and stop actuating the Pump when the recommended working pressure is attained.
  • Using 2 Jaws Puller, DO NOT exceed 2/3 of the rated Ram capacity.
  • If Jaws are used in conjuction with the Bearing Pulling Attachment, DO NOT excedd 1/2 of the rate Ram capacity.
Mechanical Overview


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